A slight change of direction

I’m jumping into the world of the self-employed! For a while I’ve felt that something in my life needed to change. I was unhappy with my job, unhappy with what I do, and just a bit unhappy with life in general, so instead of being down about it, I decided to quit my job and try to do something on my own. My time will be more precious than ever, as I’ll have to be more proactive about making money. With this comes several other changes, a couple that affect this website.

When The Round Tablet first launched last year, it was a blast to find all sorts of great art on a daily basis. Browsing through hundreds of art daily wasn’t a chore, it was fun — it still is! But… when you browse through hundreds of art daily, after a few months, it changes your perception of what’s good. Art, however, is subjective, so I hope no one takes any offense if you follow this website and never see your artwork posted here.

Anyone that follows my Twitter account knows that I pick #digitalart of the day when I find exceptional pieces. The website also showcases what I feel are the best of the best inspiration and tutorials. Due to all of the above factors, to save some time in my day, from this point on I’ll be posting only artworks that I feel are worthy of being placed within the “best” category, which means only one or two posts per day, if any. Brushes and tutorials aren’t really affected too much by this, though I must say that I haven’t stumbled onto too many tutorials or brushes lately.

One other thing that you may see is that I might place some ads on the site. I’m not quite that desperate for money yet, but figured I may as well give everyone the heads up. In any case, none of these changes are major, but I felt like it needed to be said, as I didn’t want the regular visitors being caught unaware when they see only one or two posts a day or ads showing up on the website.

The good news is, if your artwork makes it on here from this point forward, you know you’re in hella good company!

As always, let us know your thoughts and post your comments below!